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A Peek at Tynk !

Posted by [email protected] on October 12, 2011 at 6:20 PM

So here it is....I decided to post a bit of the new novel "Tynk" !(the prologue and part of chapter one) for those of you who have still not ordered and would to see a bit more than Amazon offers. You may go to the page titled WEB STORE or to the one titled PRODUCTS AND SERVICES to buy it and read the rest.

Tynk !




The Real and Continuing Story of Peter Pan



By Brad L Johnson




     Many years ago, a book of fiction was written by a man named Barrie. Many, in fact most, of those who know the story of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, Hook and the lost boys in Neverland have not read this novel. They have probably seen the bastardization of the Barrie story by Disney or seen a similar concoction performed live or on television. It's a shame is all. The Barrie story is dark and creepy. In just the first few pages Barrie talks of Wendy's mother drawing pictures of babies with no faces. He tells of how the parents of Michael and John added up the expenses of each newborn to see if they would keep them. He even hinted that Wendy's mother had actually known Peter Pan as a child. Barrie wrote she "just remembered a Peter Pan who was said to live with the fairies. There were odd stories about him, as that when children died he went part of the way with them, so that they should not be frightened. She had believed in him at the time, but

now that she was married and full of sense she quite doubted whether he was real". He describes Neverland as an alternate universe which is exactly what it is. He describes it, " Neverland is always more or less an island, with astonishing splashes of color here and there, and coral reefs and rakish-looking craft in the offing, and savages and lonely lairs, and gnomes who are mostly tailors, and caves through which a river runs, and princes with six elder brothers, and a hut fast going to decay, and one very small old lady with a hooked nose". This sounds wonderful on the surface but Barrie didn't know the rest. It is an island, but one that is just slightly out of synch with our world as to make it invisible. The craft there are remnants of lost ships from decades of strange disappearances into what we know of as The Bermuda Triangle, very real and unexplained. Savages, indeed. They are the "lost boys" upon whom Peter's magic does not work, banished

to live alone and grow old, outfitted in the special clothing provided by the Tailor Gnomes. Peter tells the ageless Lost Boys the others are Indians and Pirates and there will be many adventures with them. The old lady with a hooked nose has a secret, a dark and deadly secret. Yes, Barrie could only tell his story as fiction but he knew, he knew Peter was real. Nothing has changed. Young boys still go missing, you read the news reports and think how could so many disappear and never be heard from or seen again ? Neverland. Of course you probably want to hear the whole story now. What happened after Hook died. Why did Tinkerbell leave Peter ? How, and why is it that Wendy's great grandchild, also named Wendy, ended up with Peter. How exactly do I fit in ? My secret lies buried within the first few pages of Barrie's book where I was introduced as a character in his bizarre concoction and never written or spoken of again. My name is Napoleon and did I

mention, there is a battle brewing.


Chapter One


     The city presses in on her like a living thing. It's cold embrace caresses her in ways that makes her skin crawl. She does not like San Francisco. Not at all. Here at the docks...it is worse, the sea-smell of dead fish and feel of sea-weed slime, rank and thick in the back of her throat reminds her of that place. That Neverland.  When the fog comes it leaches the color from the sky, the earth and the sea. She has come here, she knows, to enlist the aid of perhaps the only man that can help her. The early morning sun has not yet thrown its light across the night sky. She takes care even though the docks are void of life, for she is in her "natural state", the iridescence of her wings twinkle, ignorant of the lack of moonlight. A thick shock of short black hair with a lightning bolt of red frames her faerie face.

"Goddamn that Pan, he has brought me to this" she thinks, "him and that Wendy bitch." You can hear the tinkle of bells as she grunts her disgust. She works her way to the warehouse. The windows give off a warm glow but hide the activity within behind a thick layer of condensation betraying the warmth of the inside. If she could see in, Tynk would recognize the profile of the swarthy man covered with a thin veneer of sweat. The predominant nose the thick, curly black hair and jutting chin, yes, he is a Hook. This night , this artist is finishing the bronze statue with the hand-blown inlaid glass this city has commissioned him to do. He stops. A single drop of sweat dangles from his nose and drops to the floor. He calls out, deep of baritone, "Don't just lurk about outside my door, get yer arse in here ! " Time stretches out slowly before the hack-mans latch begins it's slow journey to open. She slips in. Tynk has abandoned her natural state and sports the

look more believable to the humans although even this look still turns head in certain neighborhoods. She likes the look and feel of the leather. She likes the way men look at her, especially her eyes. She has been told more than once she had "bedroom eyes" or "eyes a guy could get lost in". But this man, this Baldamero Hook is definitely not looking at her that way. She does not like this look, this mixture of disgust and pity. 

"I knew one day you would come", he sighs.

"You know who I am" she states cooly and sounds pleased.

"My great granny says I'd know ya for sure by the eyes", he returns to his work. "Say what ya need ta say, then leave."

" I...we...must finish what your grandfather started".

"Meanin' exactly what, little girl" Baldamero sneers " you and me we're gonna go to, what do you call it, Neverland, and we will do battle with any number of people and monsters including this so-called daemon Peter the Pan and kill him? "

"Exactly", she speaks softly.

"Tell me why. I will tell you that I do believe about half of what I was told as a child. I do believe, Lord help me, that you are a faerie and that my grandfather did travel to a place unknown to humans. Now you tell me. Why is this my concern ?"

"He takes the children. He is a spiritual pedophile. So that he may stay young, he feeds on their souls," Tynk speaks softly, dreading what is coming.

"It is no concern of mine." Baldamero Hook turns his back and continues his work.

"It is of concern to Veronica" Tynk states flatly.

Baldamero Hook does not move, it seems as though he is frozen in place. At once he knows everything. That his child has been taken, that his ex is trying to find him and that he must do this.

"Tell me everything I need to know".

"I will" she says but thinks to herself, "except that one little thing..."

Tynk knows she must be careful. Everything is riding on this.



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